Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Welcome to The Mac Tuner

Welcome to The Mac Tuner, a(nother) blog dedicated to getting the most out of Mac OS X operating system. Here I chronicle my experiences with utilities, applications, and hacks that make my life easier.

A little profile on myself: I'm a freelancing graphic designer who also dabbles in web design. I work from home, and spend practically every minute at, or near, my Mac - a 2.5 year old PowerMac G5. When I'm not actually working on designs, promoting myself, writing blogs, or checking out the coolest new Mac apps, RSS feeds, etc... well actually that doesn't leave much time for anything else =D Okay, just kidding. Actually I do a lot of other things, but they're not really relevant.

It is my wish that you will find this Blog useful. If you're a Windows/PC user, note that I am not a snob; I appreciate the advantages of the PC, but I enjoy the Mac experience much, much more. It would be nice to have more PC users convert, but maybe if everybody did then Macs wouldn't seem so cool.

Anyways, see you soon!

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